I grew up in Rochester, NY, where my love for photography grew out my fascination for movies and special effects during high school. This fascination evolved into an interest in single frames. I began to create mock-up advertisements as a hobby, which led me to my interest in photo manipulation and design.

Aside from natural portraits, I enjoy creating surreal photographs, through retouching in photoshop. Although many photographers consider reliance on photoshop to be a disadvantage, I consider it a part of my artistic process. I will often take multiple photos, and use them as the materials from which I create the final image, using photoshop as my canvas. Through this process, I can create images of impossible things.
I am majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications at the Roy H. Park School of Communications. I also participate in extracurricular music activities such as a jazz band and a campus chorale. I hope you enjoy exploring my portfolio, thank you for visiting my website!
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